Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Upgrade your Axim to WM2003SE with a Toshiba ROM?

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Apparently someone made a post on the Dell forums stating that they upgraded their Axim X3i to Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition by using the Toshiba upgrade ROM. I did not get to see the post myself as it was quickly deleted by I cannot see this working myself. For one thing the wireless chipset in the dell unit is completely different. I am sure there are many other components that are different between the two units.

It *may* be possible to somehow decompress the ROM, insert the Dell specific software and the recompress the ROM. This would probably not work unless the files used to replace the software were from an X30 image (it runs WM2003SE). Needless to say this is a lot of work and would most likely end up leaving your handheld in a useless state. Some progress has been made in the area of X3i ROM flashing and it is possible to restore your ROM from a flash card even if the current ROM image is corrupt and also provided the boatloader does not get overwritten.

I have to admit, this has got my interest. I have even downloaded the Toshiba ROM and will no doubt be loading it up in a hex editor tomorrow...

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