Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Geek.com PDA Review: Dell Axim X30 High

geek.com has a great review of Dell's Axim X30 "High". Bottom line:

The Dell Axim X30 is a screaming machine, and I have to applaud Dell for being the first out of the gate with a device running WM2003 Second Edition that is extremely well priced. You really cannot complain about Pocket PC devices being out of a reasonable price range with the Low model starting at only $199 and when for $150 more you get dual wireless, double the processor speed, and double the memory capacity. The X30 High is a winner, and should do quite well in today's market while requiring HP to think about its pricing scheme.
Kind of makes me wish I didn't buy the X3i, landscape orientation looks so sweet!

The full review can be found here: Geek.com PDA Review: Dell Axim X30 High

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