Friday, July 9, 2004

Slow Day

I setup Digital Points new ad sharing system here today. I have yet to setup any ads of my own but plan to do so very soon. I expect the results of this ad network to be very good as this system should draw a lot of webmasters and best of all it is free!

A new template for my blog is in the works which will match my main site ( I hope to have both up tomorrow provided I have enough time to complete them.

Check out this great Online Color Schemer. It works very well for finding 'harmonious' colors. Read their tutorial here to find out how this tool can help you discoverer color schemes to use when designing web sites.

My Gmail account is still working great, 75 messages and only using 1% of my quota! It is one of the best web based interfaces I have used. 100% of my personal email is now going to this account.. Definitely a great product.

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