Thursday, August 5, 2004

PocketPC Trojan Horse

pocket pc
Well it has finally happened, a trojan horse has been detected in PDAs running Microsoft's PocketPC operating system. An article has surfaced on The Register: Trojan horse stalks PocketPC | The Register. Only a small amount of PocketPC's have been infected. This comes just shy of a month after the First Pocket PC Virus Surfaces surfaced which was a "proof of concept" and not released into the wild. A quote from which lists the virus as Backdoor.WinCE.Brador.a:

Brador identifies the IP address of the infected handheld and sends it to the virus coder to inform him that the handheld is connected to the Internet and that the backdoor is active. Brador then opens port 2989 and awaits further orders.

The backdoor responds to the following commands:

d - lists the directory contents

f - closes the session

g - uploads a file

m - displays MessageBox

p - downloads a file

r - executes the specified command

And to think we all thought our personal data was safer on a PDA. For the time being I believe it is but who knows what the future holds?

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