Thursday, July 8, 2004

free banner exchange program

A free banner exchange program for vBulletin 3.x, Movable Type, Blogger, PHP, and ASP users has been created by Digital Point Solutions. This is a very interesting program with an endless amount of potential. The ad network is by far the best free banner exchange program I have come across. Some info from the FAQ:

What is this?

The ad network is a network of site owners that offer ad space to the network. In return, the ads they define are displayed across the entire network.

How much does this cost?

100% free.

What types of ads can be served?

Currently the system can serve 468x60 graphic banners, 468x60 text based banners or a simple text based ad. For the text banners, you can control the background color of the banner.

Are there any unacceptable ads?

Gambling, adult, political and pharmaceutical related ads will not be accepted for the ad network. All ads are reviewed before they become live on the network.

You can signup by clicking here and begin serving free banner ads right away! This is just one of many free web tools provided by Digital Point. You can check out the rest of these tools here: Digital Point Solutions Free Web Tools.

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