Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Dell Announces Bluetooth GPS and Keyboard

Been busy but there is some cool news from Dell:



ROUND ROCK, Texas, July 21, 2004— Dell today introduced two new accessories for the Dell Axim™ X30 handheld computer that help customers stay on course and in contact - the Dell GPS navigation system ($249) and the Dell executive keyboard ($99), both with Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Using the Axim X30 equipped with integrated Bluetooth, delivery drivers, road warriors, commuters and students can take advantage of the easy wireless connectivity to find the quickest routes, remain productive and stay in touch.

The Dell GPS system easily transforms the Dell handheld into a wireless navigation system with voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions and graphic instructions. Featuring NAVTEQ maps of North America, the Dell GPS navigation system also describes one-way streets, turn restrictions and speed limits as well as convenient points of interest such as area ATMs, gas stations, parking facilities and restaurants.

The Dell Axim executive keyboard is a full-size QWERTY keyboard and is optimized for serious use of text-based applications such as taking notes or answering e-mail while connected to a WiFi network. When not in use, the portable keyboard folds into a compact package about the size of a passport wallet. The innovative Stowaway™ keyboard also comes with a detachable stand to hold the Axim X30, allowing either landscape or portrait orientation.

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