Sunday, September 5, 2004

HL2 preload part 2

I just noticed the second part of the Half Life 2 preload is almost complete. This portion of the preload appears to be the sounds - the file name is base source shared sounds.gcf and it weighs in at 972MB! Add base source shared materials.gcf (1.01GB - from the first part of the preload) and you get a total of 1.96GB. I just checked my Doom3 folder and it totals 1.57GB.

Something of note, the newest version of GCFScape will allow you to see what is inside these files. The files are encrypted so there isn't much you can do with them at this point...

So I now have almost 2 gigs of useless files on my hard drive but I should be able to play Half Life 2 shortly after it is released and before it is available in stores ;).

Here's another Gmail invite.

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